February 29, 2004

Eduard Rocks!

Brian and I went down to Westport on Friday to see Eduard sing in GFA's annual Harmony for the Homeless concert. This was our 2nd annual trip to the concert and we must say, this year's was better than last year, especially the soloists!

Eduard's first solo, they called it a trio, but he was the lead, was "Louder than Words" from one of his favorite shows, Tick, Tick, Boom. He brought tears to my eyes...and not just because we're related now. He's got talent, real talent!

He also had a solo in the "Rent" medley, part of "Will I Lose My Dignity," (notice the Jonathan Larsen trend).

We can't wait to see pictures of his big night! Bravo!

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Brian and I met up with Melissa last weekend, and her fiance Brian (their wedding is in October and you can see more about them on their website).

We went to the fabulous UCONN women's basketball game courtesy of Brian who works with the girls - and Melissa and I realized neither of us had been to a girls' game in a VERY long time. They womped BC and then the 4 of us got to try a new place for dinner on the East side of Cambridge in the Hotel Marlowe, called Bambara. The food was delicious ("American Brasserie" cuisine), the people were friendly, and the atmosphere was funky and sophisticated.

We have to do this dining out with friends thing more often!

Thanks to our friend Bob G. for the recommendation.

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February 11, 2004

A Fabulous Birthday!!

So I turned 40 yesterday and it was a great day all around. It started with Brian leaving me a surprise present in my briefcase for me to find at work in the morning - a funky bracelet from Jasmine Sola. And the day just kept getting better. Emily sent me a chocolate bouquet full of kisses and miniatures, chocolate chip cookies, and a solid chocolate cake with candle!! My parents sent me gorgeous purple flowers at work too. The work day ended with a surprise cake and singing by my entire office at my desk. Brian took me out to a classy dinner at Les Zygomates, a very yummy French Bistro downtown.


Thank you to all of you who called and wrote and sent fabulous cards and warm wishes, including Cheryl and Grace for the coolest card and singing message EVER, Ann & Bill for the cool French dessert plates, Stacey for her message from her 3rd grade class screaming Happy Birthday, and Jane & Jay for the cutest music box straight from the real Paris [paREE]. It feels good to be loved by so many wonderful people. Here's to a great year!

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Vegas Baby Vegas!!

It might look like Paris, but it's NOT! Brian and I got to go to Vegas this weekend. It was my first trip, a Chrismukah gift from Brian, and the trip included an Air Supply concert, which was ROCKIN!! We met Craig and Jenn out there, which made our trip a big party! We stayed at the MGM Grand, gambled a bit at the Black Jack tables, though only one of us left with cash in hand...and it wasn't Brian or ME! I even went on the roller coaster at NY NY. What a great weekend, and an amazing husband :) Thanks baby.


See our Friends page for lots more pictures!!

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February 04, 2004

Weekend at Grammie's and Grampa Jim's

While Cheryl and John got their house ready to sell this weekend (which they did on Tuesday!) the girls got to spend their first full weekend away...even got to go to a fun museum in Norwalk. Here are a couple of pics of the fun times...




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Hug Your Customers...and everybody else!

So, I finished Brian's and my SIGNED copy of Jack Mitchell's book, Hug Your Customers, last week and it was pretty great. It was fluffy and fast but I took the message to heart. And a lot of what he had to say seemed easily translatable from the for profit retail business to the nonprofit service business (and personal life to some degree). Check back with me in a couple of years and I'll tell you in a year or two if it's possible to implement in "my world." Refreshing at the least...

I went on to relate some of the stories about the elaborate and at times adventuresome extents we go to in order to exceed the expectations of our customers. Once I had exhausted my seven minutes, I was really pumped. I get that way when I talk about our business. I returned to my table, and one of my tablemates, thinking over my anecdotes, smiled at me and said, "Oh, sure, Jack. The next thing you're going to tell us is that you and your sales associates actually hug your customers."

I looked at him and, without blinking, replied, "Sure. Doesn't everyone?"

Next book stop for me: The Poisonwood Bible

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