April 29, 2004

New York Social Diary

Uncle J and the New Group (which Karen and I are members of, from afar) got a nice shout in the New York Social Diary.

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April 17, 2004


BloggerCon Logo.gif

I woke up early and went to BloggerCon this morning.

I attended/participated in two sessions: What is Journalism? and Presidential Bloggers.

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Kerry and Clinton Visit Jumpstart

Karen and the gang at Jumpstart had a busy week. Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee, John Kerry, and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton visited a Jumpstart center in New York.

Kerry Jumpstart.jpg

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April 11, 2004

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Brian and I kidnapped Grace and Sara yesterday and brought them with us to Danbury for the night so Cheryl and John could have a free night and we could get some quality time with the girls. What a blast we had!

Today, Cheryl and John came down in the morning, and we all went to church together, had an Easter egg hunt for Grace and Sara back at the house and celebrated Cheryl's birthday a few days early.

The only thing that topped the chocolate bunnies at our place settings and the chocolate cake for Cheryl's birthday, was the nationally famous and ever-delicious Chocolate Lace and Cream ice cream from Dr. Mike's in Bethel.

Sara shows off her love for tofu and rice (Uncle Brian's influence we're sure) at dinner.

Cheryl with her two Easter sweethearts - Grace proudly shows off her bonnet from Grammie.

The four of us crack up as Mom and Dad play photographer.

Brian and Dad show off sunglasses courtesy of Sara and Grace.


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The last hurrah!

So we think this is the LAST piece of press coverage we will be receiving in relation to our nuptials, just a few days from our 6 month anniversary.

Since you all know the story, I won't post it here, but if you'd like to see the pic and write up you can find it on the Weddings page of the Danbury News Times (you'll have to scroll down quite a bit).

I think Grace summed up our feelings best yesterday when she and I were looking through the fabulous scrap book/photo album my mother made: "I wish we could do that again."

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April 06, 2004

You do the math...

I have one thing to say...

But I'll say it twice...

UCONN is #1!
UCONN is #1!

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April 05, 2004

Brian wins an AWARD!

Brian's brilliant Halloween e-card campaign for UNICEF won an Honorable Mention in the Best National Email Campaign category at the Pollie Awards hosted by the American Association of Political Consultants.

"The Pollie Awards honor the very best in political campaign advertising and expertise. Winners are chosen from over 80 different categories, recognizing a wide spectrum of political and public affairs communications."

It's a big deal to get a mention at the Pollies. The president of the organization writes, "This year's Pollie Awards honor the highest professional achievements in Public Affairs. The Pollies truly provide a standard that this young industry can strive towards in all of its campaigns."

On a related note, Brian's boss at Mindshare has decided that he wants Brian to be the face and voice of the company on all things media-related. He's been quoted in many articles already, has been a guest on a local Boston public television news show and is getting his head shot taken next week!

Way to go Bri!

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April 03, 2004

Jumpstart Event

Karen and I attended a phenomenal fundraiser for Jumpstart this week. The occasion was the 10th Anniversary of the organization, and we were joined by Karen's parents for the festivities.

The event was held at the Kennedy Library, on a very rainy and cold Thursday night. In spite of the weather, over 400 people attended, including the five original founders of the organization (only one of whom I had met before Thursday) and the heads of Pearson, American Eagle, and Starbucks, Jumpstart's corporate partners. I was actually surprised how many people in the crowd Karen and I knew, recognized, or had a connection to.

As an aside, I wore my vintage British prep-school jacket for the evening, and received many compliments.

There were two highlights to the evening for me: First, I spent the first part of the evening escorting Karen's parents around (Karen had to work) and introducing them to Karen's friends and colleagues from work. Not surprisingly, everyone raved about Karen and her work, telling us that she has literally transformed the organization. I have known for a long time just how special Karen is, how hard she works, and what an effect she can have on folks. But hearing it from all of her colleagues first hand, and watching Jim and Ev light up with pride, made it that much more special.

Second, as the evening wound down, I made it my personal quest to talk with Howard Schultz, the founder and chief global strategist for Starbucks. Schultz also happens to be the owner of the Seattle Supersonics. As he headed for the exit, and a flight back to Seattle, I stepped in his path and stuck my hand out. "I don't have any reason to talk to you other than the fact that I grew up in Seattle and I have been a lifelong Sonics fan," I said. As he shook my hand, I told him that I supported the direction he was taking the team, and was confident that the Sonics (under the leadership of Nate McMillan) were headed towards greatness. He smile and said "Thank you, I think we are building something special... I just wish we were winning now." I agreed, and we commiserated briefly about the Sonics Wednesday night loss to the Timberwolves. We were both clearly resigned to the fact that the Sonics won't make the playoffs this year, but I was encouraged to have met a basketball owner (and the owner of my team) who clearly understood the game and what it took to be a winner.

A really terrific evening all around -- for Jumpstart, for Karen and her parents, and for me.

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Overcast weekend in Boston

Its an overcast Saturday in the Boston-area, and Karen and I are taking it slow. We both have work to catch up on, I have plans for a haircut, and our gift card from J-Crew is screaming out to be redeemed.

Tonight we will drop in on a birthday party for one of Karen's friends from work, and then watch the UCONN Huskies vs. the Duke Blue Devils in the national semifinal in the men's NCAA basketball tournament. I have to admit that I am torn over who to root for -- I have long been a fan of the Blue Devils, and Coach K in particular, and never really warmed to the UCONN men's team. I remember watching final seconds of the Championship game in 1999 between these two teams, and banging my fist (and possibly my head) on the floor of my apartment in Ann Arbor as time ran out and the Huskies emerged as Champions. Karen, meanwhile, is a UCONN alum, and a die-hard men's basketball fan, and despises Duke (and my affinity for them) with tremendous passion. Just to complicate matters, I have picked UCONN to win the tournament in my NCAA pool, and their success would lead to both bragging rights, and possible financial gain.

Tomorrow night we will watch the UCONN women's team take on the Minnesota Gophers in their national semifinal. Karen and I agree that a UCONN win, and then a victory over Tennessee (who everyone in the nation expects to win their semifinal game) in the final on Tuesday night, would be sweet.

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