September 26, 2004

Lazy weekend

Karen and I are spending a lazy weekend here in Boston. It is our last chance to recharge the batteries before a very intense month of activities. I am off to the first Presidential debate in Miami this week before meeting up with Karen in New Jersey to visit family and attend a wedding. The following week I am off to Cleveland for the Vice Presidential debate before Karen and I barnstorm the eastern seaboard en route three weddings (Friday evening in Danbury, CT, Saturday afternoon in central New Hampshire, and Sunday morning on Long Island). I can't even think of what comes after that.

Anyway, we rented three movies (Man on Fire, Something's Gotta Give, and In America), ordered pizza and chinese food, and have spent some quality time folding laundry and going through old newspapers and magazines. Shopping/errands, getting the cars washed, a haircut for me, a casual walk around the neighborhood, blogging, house hunting, movies, brunch, and work are all on our "to do" list for Sunday.

All of those activities seem to me to be necessary, but few seem restful, so we'll do as many as we can. Well, I blogged. Its a start.

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