February 04, 2004

Hug Your Customers...and everybody else!

So, I finished Brian's and my SIGNED copy of Jack Mitchell's book, Hug Your Customers, last week and it was pretty great. It was fluffy and fast but I took the message to heart. And a lot of what he had to say seemed easily translatable from the for profit retail business to the nonprofit service business (and personal life to some degree). Check back with me in a couple of years and I'll tell you in a year or two if it's possible to implement in "my world." Refreshing at the least...

I went on to relate some of the stories about the elaborate and at times adventuresome extents we go to in order to exceed the expectations of our customers. Once I had exhausted my seven minutes, I was really pumped. I get that way when I talk about our business. I returned to my table, and one of my tablemates, thinking over my anecdotes, smiled at me and said, "Oh, sure, Jack. The next thing you're going to tell us is that you and your sales associates actually hug your customers."

I looked at him and, without blinking, replied, "Sure. Doesn't everyone?"

Next book stop for me: The Poisonwood Bible

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