January 24, 2005

Blizzard 2005

We survived the reported 26 inches of snow (22.5 at Logan) very well in Cambridge. It was a great weekend. We saw In Good Company on Saturday before the storm hit and liked it quite a lot. Sunday was a fun day of snow play, hot chocolate sipping, and movie watching (Little Black Book, We Don't Live Here Anymore, and Elephant) combined with the requisite shoveling (in 3 shifts to make it easier). Here are some pics:

The deck (it has a roof!)


First shift


The wiffleball field

Snow angels were hard to do...

Where is the Mini?

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September 26, 2004

Lazy weekend

Karen and I are spending a lazy weekend here in Boston. It is our last chance to recharge the batteries before a very intense month of activities. I am off to the first Presidential debate in Miami this week before meeting up with Karen in New Jersey to visit family and attend a wedding. The following week I am off to Cleveland for the Vice Presidential debate before Karen and I barnstorm the eastern seaboard en route three weddings (Friday evening in Danbury, CT, Saturday afternoon in central New Hampshire, and Sunday morning on Long Island). I can't even think of what comes after that.

Anyway, we rented three movies (Man on Fire, Something's Gotta Give, and In America), ordered pizza and chinese food, and have spent some quality time folding laundry and going through old newspapers and magazines. Shopping/errands, getting the cars washed, a haircut for me, a casual walk around the neighborhood, blogging, house hunting, movies, brunch, and work are all on our "to do" list for Sunday.

All of those activities seem to me to be necessary, but few seem restful, so we'll do as many as we can. Well, I blogged. Its a start.

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April 03, 2004

Overcast weekend in Boston

Its an overcast Saturday in the Boston-area, and Karen and I are taking it slow. We both have work to catch up on, I have plans for a haircut, and our gift card from J-Crew is screaming out to be redeemed.

Tonight we will drop in on a birthday party for one of Karen's friends from work, and then watch the UCONN Huskies vs. the Duke Blue Devils in the national semifinal in the men's NCAA basketball tournament. I have to admit that I am torn over who to root for -- I have long been a fan of the Blue Devils, and Coach K in particular, and never really warmed to the UCONN men's team. I remember watching final seconds of the Championship game in 1999 between these two teams, and banging my fist (and possibly my head) on the floor of my apartment in Ann Arbor as time ran out and the Huskies emerged as Champions. Karen, meanwhile, is a UCONN alum, and a die-hard men's basketball fan, and despises Duke (and my affinity for them) with tremendous passion. Just to complicate matters, I have picked UCONN to win the tournament in my NCAA pool, and their success would lead to both bragging rights, and possible financial gain.

Tomorrow night we will watch the UCONN women's team take on the Minnesota Gophers in their national semifinal. Karen and I agree that a UCONN win, and then a victory over Tennessee (who everyone in the nation expects to win their semifinal game) in the final on Tuesday night, would be sweet.

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February 29, 2004


Brian and I met up with Melissa last weekend, and her fiance Brian (their wedding is in October and you can see more about them on their website).

We went to the fabulous UCONN women's basketball game courtesy of Brian who works with the girls - and Melissa and I realized neither of us had been to a girls' game in a VERY long time. They womped BC and then the 4 of us got to try a new place for dinner on the East side of Cambridge in the Hotel Marlowe, called Bambara. The food was delicious ("American Brasserie" cuisine), the people were friendly, and the atmosphere was funky and sophisticated.

We have to do this dining out with friends thing more often!

Thanks to our friend Bob G. for the recommendation.

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January 04, 2004

Fun & Successful Weekend

Brian and I worked hard this weekend on getting the house in order and doing Karen & Brian type things...you know...organizing, labeling, filing, packing, and taking down some holiday decorations.

We took some time off last night to go to our friends' Amy & Jonathan's for a little Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition on DVD - they beat us, but it was quite the experience. Lots of cool new features including being able to STEAL the pie from the other team!

We also used our bubble gum camera from Dad/Jay & Jane today - the results are pictured...they look better than they taste!


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